Symposium and Recruitment Committee: Kay Dively (chair), Sarah Hudadoff (Jr. chair)

This committee coordinates with the Program in Genetics to organize the annual Genetics Graduate Student Symposium and the annual prospective student recruitment visit.

T-Shirt Design Committee:

Create a t-shirt design and coordinate the sell and distribution of t-shirts to the Program in Genetics and NCSU communities.

Industry Relations Committee: Jake Deslauriers (chair), Adam Greer (Jr. chair)

Act as a liason between the GGSA and industry representatives in the Research Triangle Park.

Sports Committee: Kay Diveley

Coordinate intramural sports teams and events for members of the GGSA and the Program in Genetics.

Social Committee: Felicia Shepard

To promote a sense of community and friendship between the students in the Program in Genetics through social events.

Outreach Committee: Sam McMillan, Jessica Martinez (co-chairs)

To promote the GGSA’s involvement in our community and improve scientific literacy through engaging and fun science-based activities.